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In order to guarantee the production quality, the company has carried out the certification
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Yazhen Technology

Yazhen Technology

In order to ensure the production quality, the company has carried out the certification of "ISO9001: 2000 International Quality Management System".
In order to improve internal management, the company has adopted "ERP information system" management. In order to increase the product range, it has purchased Germany · Heidelberg 8 + L offset printing presses, Germany Manroland R705 type, Heidelberg CP-102F and other advanced European printers. Six sets of production equipment, and a series of processing equipment supporting design, production, film production, plate making and other pre-press and post-press processing and process production, which meet the needs of production and operation.
Every day, the designers of Yazhen Color Printing Enterprise deal with a large amount of graphic information, and use the spark of thought to illuminate the paradise of creativity.
Every day, the business people of Yazhen Color Printing Enterprise communicate closely with domestic and foreign customers to listen to the information and express good wishes.
Every day, the technicians of Yazhen Color Printing Enterprise use dots, lines, colors, and printed materials to tailor the most beautiful clothes for customers.
Every day, the employees of Yazhen Color Printing Enterprise stand by the rumbling machine to realize the maximum value for customers.
At every print, Yazheng people strive for excellence. For every product, Yazheng people let the effect speak. In every process, Yazheng people are willing to think more for you ... Because Yazhen is professional, we are committed to every detail. , So that Yazhen products are perfect and always different. Because Yazhen is curious, she can always try to develop new varieties and new crafts. Yazhen Color Printing Enterprise pursues excellent quality and provides sincere service. Yazhen, which the customer did not expect, can think of Yazhen, which the customer thinks can do.

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