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Service area

Service area

Covers clothing, cosmetics, stationery, electronic appliances, household appliances, daily necessities, audiovisual products, student supplies and other types of manufacturers' products for

decoration, packaging, various materials, color graphics printing products for various internal and external packaging products, andProcessed goods. Design, printing and finished

products of books, magazines, picture books, greeting cards, posters, posters, posters, posters for schools, shops, institutions, enterprises and institutions.


What services mean for brands

Service is part of the product, part of the sales, part of the brand, and the service itself is the brand!


Goal of service

hrough caring for customers, providing customers with satisfactory products and services,


The right service concept

Firmly establishing the concept of "everything the product does is to provide quality service to customers" 


Establish a national service system

Establish a customer-centric working philosophy, strengthen service awareness and skills, and win customer satisfaction


Free service hotline

(0754-87811888) 24-hour free service hotline to consult product information and

feedback product usage


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