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In order to guarantee the production quality, the company has carried out the certification
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Hardware equipment

The new German Heidelberg 8 + L offset printing machine is officially put into use!


According to the production process requirements, the company is now equipped with:

1. A full set of pre-press production facilities such as pattern design, production, digital printing, film output, and printing plate production.
2. Manroland 5 colors, Manroland 4 colors, Manroland two colors, Heidelberg 5 colors, and other flat offset printing equipment and multi-color automatic rotary gravure printing machines, screen printing machines, UV machines and other supporting printing equipment.
3. Full-automatic die-cutting machine, punching and ironing die-cutting machine, glazing, calendering machine, laminating machine, automatic cartoning machine and matching powder pressing machine, embossing machine and other post-press processing machinery.
4, automatic thread lock machine, automatic folder gluer, automatic slotting machine, automatic screw press, automatic rubber backpack machine and affixed corner, laminating, binding, heat sealing and other processes to produce supporting equipment.

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